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Transform Gizmos

Transform Gizmo | .lwo


#Gizmo Information
A selection of new Gizmo's for LightWave3D Modeler, 
having the ability to customize modelers interface and widgets 
is most welcome and to get you started we have a small collection of Gizmo's 
crafted by the LightWave Community, these are a perfect example
of how LightWave can be customized to suit your needs.


Modify > Transform > Transform –

A gizmo modeling tool that provides moving, rotating and scaling of your Point, Edge or Polygon selections or complete objects as needed using the new mesh system.

Clicking the right mouse will reposition the gizmo to a new point, edge or polygon normal to enable better control. The gizmo itself is a LightWave object that can be edited to suit yourneeds and can be found in LightWave/support/gizmos.

The handles are colored to match their axes. The curves at the end of each arrow are for rotating,the arrows are for translation and the colored boxes are for scaling on a specific axis. The yellow circles are for translating on two axes and the white box at the center of the default gizmo is to scale on all axes.

Author: Lino Grandi lino1

Alternative Dropbox transform_lino.LWO 30KB


How do I edit or change my Gizmo?

Locate the LightWave3D installer directory 11.5[+]\ support\gizmos\ ,make sure you backup or rename the original.

C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave_2015.1\support\gizmos

warnicon1Note: in order for the gizmo to be seen or used in modeler you must keep the original naming ie. transform.lwo






mshrekaMSherak Version

So many don’t know that modeler has a new tool since 11.5 called Transform. It is the Move, Rotate, Scale, Scale Axis wrapped all into one view-port gizmo handle. Allowing you to define any point, polygon, edge or centre as a defined plane for it’s functions. (page 1347 in the Lightwave2015.pdf) From those that have used it say it gets unusable at small sizes since it inherits the size of the item in selected for it’s functions. I have created a new version that makes more sense on how the tool functions and also should work better at smaller size edits. Here is the list of changes to the Gizmo.

Axis Lines:
1) Lengthened the size of the axis lines.
2) Increase the size of the end cone.
3) Added a smaller end cone to the other side of the axis lines. (smaller represents negative)

Rotation Arcs:
1) Added another arc handle 180 from the original.
2) Added coloured ellipses to connect the arcs. (also selectable and highlights)
3) Colour coated the arcs to the relative axis they rotate around. (original is not this way which is confusing)

Scale Axis Boxes:
1) Sized up and moved the axis scale boxes.

Plane Axis:
1) Moved them to the outside of the gizmo centre.
2) Changed them to squares to represent a plane.
3) Added coloured lines to show which two axis it will move along. (also selectable and highlights)

Scale All Box:
1) Increase the size.

Now to use this new look, make a backup of the one that shipped with Lightwave incase you don’t like the new look. It should be located in \support\gizmos\transform.lwo. Just replace the object and you are good to go. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


1) Changed the axis so the large cones point down the positive inputs for the tool. (Z flipped from original one)
2) Moved the Plane handles to the axis which makes it cleaner.
3) Labeled the axis with XYZ which they are on the positive input side.


DOWNLOAD GIZMO V1446 downloads
Version 1 By MSherak Alternative 12KB

Version 2 by Lewis

DOWNLOAD GIZMO V2390 downloads
Version 2 By Lewis Alternative Dropbox transform_Lewis.rar 6KB

Version 3 by Brent3D

Brent3D Transform Gizmo

DOWNLOAD GIZMO V3669 downloads
Version 3 by Brent3D Alternative Dropbox Bren3D_Transform_Gizmo.rar 9KB

Follow the development thread over at the offical NewTek Forums.

NewTek Community

Newtek Forums

Customize LightWave: Additional Learning
Lightwave 2015 + LW Ui plugin

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