LightWave3D 2015 | Genoma2Unity


#Genoma Biped + Official Supporting Tutorials

Learn the critical worflow between LightWave3D and Unity.
Developer and Artist Lino Grandi delivers the most comprehensive tutorial to-date,
explore weight mapping and rigging with Genoma2
Export Animation from LightWave3D over to Unity3D.
Download the ready made Preset(s).

Author & Content:


Lino Grandi Artist & LightWave3D Instructor

Custom Thumbnail  Genoma2UnityBiped.lwo Genoma2 Rig Preset Genoma2UnityBiped.txt Space_Robot_Kyle_Genoma2 Preset Tutorial Rig Rename IKFK Controls L-Script LW2015LOGO Visit the official site

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