Preset Central Revisited

LightWave 3D | PST Collection


#12 Preset Central .pst

A set of 12 surfaces converted from presets originally from the Preset
Central site, the categories are, Glass, Stone, Metal, Automotive and artificial.
DJ Waterman has resurrected and updated some great surfaces for LightWave3D

Author & Content:


DJ Waterman Artist & LightWave3D Author

Custom Thumbnail Auto Clay > .pst format < Bead Blasted Aluminium Bumpy Glass Dark Red Glass Frosted Glass Glitter Glass Wide Jade2 Polished Granite Satin Aluminium Soap Bubble Styrofoam 2 White Porcelain nodeicon Nodes Used Custom Thumbnail Custom Thumbnail Visit DJs Waterman website DJs Website

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Blue Neon

LightWave 3D | PS


#Preset Information
The Preset is an example of how to create and set-up a neon effect. 
Accompanying the .pst file is a classic LightWave3D tutorial 
by William Vaughan *proton demonstrating how to use an 
EPS file and create the neon surfacing.

Custom Thumbnail Custom Thumbnail
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Epic Octane presets pack

Octane Render | .pst


#Preset Information
The "Material Master" formally known as Roy raises the bar yet again,
this huge collection of presets for Octane Render will make surfacing
quicker ,visual and best of all they are free.
included in the download is a catalogue of beautifully rendered examples
and over 50 real world surface Presets ranging 
from British Green Velvet to Midnight Leather.


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LW Guru surface bundle

LightWave 3D | .srf


#Preset Information
Lightwave Guru René delivers the merchandise once again.
saved in .srf format rather than preset simply load the surface
inside Layouts Surface Editor.
A collection of over 30 procedural surfaces.

nodeicon  Nodes Used

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