SSS V1 starter pack – Octane Render Presets for LightWave3D

Octane Render | .pst


#Preset Information
Take a break have a preset,the "Material Master" formally known as Roy Kong 
continues the most epic run of Octane Render Presets
for your sub surfacing pleasure Roy has created some outstanding materials.

Candle 1-4

Ture Story Bro.
SSS Subsurface scattering (or SSS), also known as subsurface light transport (SSLT)


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Rosso Corsa (aka Racing Red)

LightWave 3D | PS


#Preset Information
car paint node in the official Italian racing color used by Alfa Romeo,
Ferrari, Maserati etc. I've include a fine metalic flake, just zero out all the flake
values if you want a flake-less version, like some of the older cars.

nodeicon Nodes Used
energyc Energy Conserving
Custom Thumbnail Custom Thumbnail
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