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nodeicon Nodes Used
energyc Energy Conserving
Custom Thumbnail Custom Thumbnail
TextureMapped Texture Mapped
LightWave 3rd Party 3rd Party
NoPreset  No Presets Attached

 This material uses the Schlick's Approximation node by db&W.
Additional Video : Example

 DJ Waterman


DOWNLOAD PRESET1030 downloads
Alternative Dropbox Gold.pst 46Kb
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License88x31

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End Preset Layout


Preset Properties: Key

nodeicon Nodes Used: [ ]    Preset uses LightWave Nodes
energyc Energy Conserving
Custom Thumbnail Custom Thumbnail: [ ]   Preset has custom thumbnail attached.
TextureMapped Texture Mapped: [ ]   Preset includes texture maps
LightWave 3rd Party 3rd Party: [ ]   3rd Party Notes for example DP or Db&W nodes.
NoPreset  No Presets Attached: [ ]   like it says on the tin , no presets attached! generally used for object/content.


Starter Kit & Default Preset Scene.

Help us build a more accurate and beautiful scene.

The community has full control and say over the Default preset scene ,
you are free to edit , share and tweak your hearts out.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License88x31

  Important Science Stuff

The Starter Kit is subject to change and under constant user development. 
Remember DO NOT EDIT PresetLibrary_Upload_Scene.lws this is the primary scene 
for the surface preset these included basic elements like lights and camera.
it is critical that the default scene must never be changed 
maintaining continuity is a must. 
Use the scene file  Research_Development.lws for improvements and personal use.

What’s inside the starter kit?


Development | Builds | Discussion & Logs

A development log is being discussed over at Newtek Forums you may find a quicker response from or LightWiki Facebook Group Thread



Images > Required images/textures/hdri for preset scene.
LightWiki Presets > A collection of presets to get you started .pst
Objects > LightWave3D Object files .lwo
Preset Images > A few of our presets have texture maps these can be found here.
Scenes >

Scene Files & Content 
PresetLibrary_Upload_Scene.lws - Default Scene to be used for presets.
Research_Development.lws - Personal Use / R & D scene file - Scene used for rendering octane presets. - Ideal for clients who like pretty pictures not physically accurate
Instancing_Example- Example of how instances can be added to the preset
FibreFX_Example- Our preset mascot adopted by the LightWiki community

Can I change the Default Preset Scene?

Please don’t modify the scene files that you use to upload with your presets, the idea is to keep the database of presets looking consistent,
as this helps people who between similar looking surfaces by being able to compare like for like.

What can I edit?

Very little in terms of the PresetLibrary_Upload_scene.lws this is our base model and scene,that’s not to say
you can’t fix or change element, please we actively encourage it… our scene is not perfect but it gets better each build.


Beauty Renders and Scene Files

Bundled inside the starter kit we have added some beauty shots and scene files, these are perfect for showing clients that are not generally concerned with realism and just like pretty colours.

Can I use the beauty scene for creating a preset and uploading?

No!, please use the scene file PresetLibrary_Upload_Scene.lws for making presets that will be submitted to 3dxyz.

I have found a bug or error with the Default Scene ,what to do?

Use the Contact facility provided on our website Here or visit Newtek Forums you may find a quicker response from or LightWiki Facebook Group Thread

I have made improvements or have a suggestion for the Starter Kit,
where do I submit?

Why do some presets not work in my version of Lightwave3D?

How long have you got? Basically,

Do Presets use Nodes & 3rd Party Plugins?

The introduction of nodes makes LightWave3D much more diverse and powerful, generally presets may use a mixture of native and 3rd party node setups,by law we can’t include 3rd party plugins or scripts although we try our best to reference and link these assets.

What is an energy conserving (surface/material)?

Simplest answer possible without the jargon.
An energy conserving surface does not reflect back more light than it receives.

Presets Store Image colour settings

Take note the mighty preset saves a lot of information this also includes colour information
I made some test regarding normalmaps and I was surprised to see that LW seems to store information in the .pst-file about whether the images used was set to be linear or srgb! it is important to set image colorspace correct in image editor prior to saving the preset. (Normalmaps should be in linear mode since it’s describing vectors rather than colors)

What’s the difference between a preset.pst and surface.srf

The difference between srf and pst,
apart from a slight variation in options regarding saving / importing parameters. Advantages with a preset is the ability to store and reference surfaces.

How do I save a preset?

Inside LightWave Layout open up the Surface Editor Window
“F5″ Keyboard Shortcut
Make sure you have the correct surface name selected
“Right Click” on the surface preview window.
Select Save Surface Preset.

Save LightWave Preset

Save LightWave Preset

Saving and Deleting LightWave Presets Tutorial

Where is default preset file location?

C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.6.3\support\presets\Surface Editor\Surface Preset

Naming Presets in Layout

Bring up the preset library window – F8 Keyboard shortcut .
Right Click on the desired surface preset thumbnail.
Select ” Set Name ” to edit or name a preset.

Name Preset Surface

Name Preset Surface

I can’t select some of the preset menu options “Grey”

Some elements maybe greyed out and none selectable.
however it also could be because the file in not writeable.
Note: It’s not possible to edit the default presets that ship with LightWave3D
you can delete them manually by removing them from the LightWave3D Install Folder
usually located in.

C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.6.3\support\presets\Surface Editor\Surface Preset

I have added presets but can’t see them in LightWave Layout.

Make sure you have the have correct file paths
Try restarting Layout , changes may not be registered yet.

Customize Layouts Preset Paths

In Layout : press the “D” Key to bring up the Preference Window
goto the PATHS TAB and locate the Preset options.


What is the Custom Thumbnail Creator?

Until recently users had no ability or control over the way presets displayed and looked inside Layout.
Thankfully the LightWave community is awesome and Guy Rabiller wrote this handy little tool for attaching your own custom thumbnail.

Alternative Dropbox 356K

Before and After

LightWave Custom Preset Creator Interface

Creating a custom thumbnail

What size is the thumbnail?


Do I need to add a thumbnail to my preset?

not at all, however visually it’s easier for referencing and remember you can attach any image , so you could potentially have an icon based library.

Should I attach a custom thumbnail on my Uploaded Preset?

Yes, We have conventionally added a second camera in the default preset scene, it’s all ready to rock ‘n’ roll… just select the camera and hit F9.

My Firewall or AV program throws a tantrum!

It’s classed as a false positive and your firewall may think it’s intrusive, we believe it does edit registry files in order to save over the preset,however we can offer no assurance as this was written by a third-party developer, from our understanding the file is clean and legit.

Will there be a Mac version?

Hopefully, but it’s down to the original author and out with our control.

Submitting to Preset Library

Where do I upload a preset?

please use the submission form provided HERE

How do I add video like the preset example?

Simply add the video ( youtube or vimeo) url inside the description text box.
we will handle it from here.
Example :

What are the recommendations for uploading a preset?

We prefer things in order and correctly named , we suggest creating a logical folder structure * watch our Preset Upload Tutorial.


My Upload Folder

once you are happy zip the folder for submission.
Windows ships with a default zip program.
Righ Click on the Folder > Send To > compressed (zipped) folder We also recommended 7 Zip as a good free alternative software

Can I just upload the .pst file?

Well yes, but we would much prefer if you took the time and rendered out the surface preset also then zipped that bad boy up.

Maximum upload file size of 6 Meg is not enough!

We have set default of 6Mb on submissions if you need more, contact us and we will happily help.

I have submitted my preset but can’t see it on the website

Chances are it probably wasn’t good enough, kidding on! it could be down to a number of reasons, for example: The file failed on upload or perhaps we are still on a coffee break and not been notified of the submission. “PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR COFFEE” then again the surface might just be rubbish. . . don’t take it personally Waver, try harder next time!


Quality Assurance and Preset Standards .

Each Preset submitted to the database is quality controlled before publication,we scrutinize each element, Virus Scan and test run the Scene.
Our goal is to create industry standard surface presets,maintaining continuity and delivering a professional service.

Are you an official partner or owned by Newtek / LightWave3D?

Sadly “No” however we try our best to communicate with the developers and management.

Who runs the website?

Preset Library aka is a division of
Developer & Community Manager of the site is LightWave artist Steph Scott
you can contact him directly via email stephscott [at] lightwiki [dot] net

Are you available for work?

Yes I am available for contract and freelance work , just drop an email
or contact me directly via the website form. I will be more than happy
to answer any questions you may have.

Will you ever just unexpectedly close down Preset Library / 3DXYZ ?

We certainly hope not , in the event of immediate shut-down all presets referenced will be available for download within the first 24 hours for a period of 7 days.

I like this site , would you consider selling it?

Show me the MONEY! , honestly though, make a decent fair offer which would benefit
the community and in the interest of both parties, I may be willing to negotiate.

How is this site funded?

We rely heavily on community donations and support , without it we would struggle with server costs.
Each year a funding event/drive is ran over several days during the month of January usually around 26th – xx
all funding received is spent and accounted for accordingly and goes towards things such as plugins for the website, paying artists , Server Cost …ect

Supporting the LightWiki Community 

Between 2013-2014 we have donated back over $280, supporting fellow artists such as the latest LightWave kickstarter project
Served over 120K downloads to the LightWave Community
Over 500K video tutorial plays
Over 1 Million hits 

Why do you use WordPress

We are not ashamed of it and after all we did purchase a nice commercial template, would be shame to waste it. Actually it was more to do with setup speed and suitability, the site needed created quickly and from experience users .ie Moderators & publishers are more familiar and generally experienced with WP rather than Joomla.

WP is known for vulnerabilities and hackers

So is Paypal or even Facebook , we have insured our best efforts and modified file directories / content and added security measures accordingly.

How often is the server backed up

On local version every 3 days , on hosting weekly and hosting package has autorestore.

The website is running slow

High probability it’s WP just being WP, it’s not the most effeicent / cleanest when it comes to the database and speed. The hosting we use is pretty reliable although we have had issues in the past with them “who hasn’t ?”

Why do you use Dropbox and self host preset files?

3dxyz host the files along with a copy of each preset located on dropbox as an extra precautionary measure we also have a FTP server with a backup of all preset data.

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