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LightWave3D 2015 | Genoma2Unity


#Genoma Biped + Official Supporting Tutorials

Learn the critical worflow between LightWave3D and Unity.
Developer and Artist Lino Grandi delivers the most comprehensive tutorial to-date,
explore weight mapping and rigging with Genoma2
Export Animation from LightWave3D over to Unity3D.
Download the ready made Preset(s).

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Lino Grandi Artist & LightWave3D Instructor

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Genoma2 – Unity Biped Preview



unitydownload Download Game Model from Unity Asset Store

How to use the Genoma 2 to Unity Preset – Part 1

How to Use the Genoma 2 to Unity Preset – Part 2

How to Use the Genoma 2 to Unity Preset – Part 3

How to Use the Genoma 2 to Unity Preset – Part 4

How to Use the Genoma 2 to Unity Preset – Part 5!/content/4696


How do I add a Genoma Preset?

Navigate to the Genoma/Rig/ Folder located in LightWave2015 directory
*by default the installer files can be found here:

C:Program Files\NewTek\LightWave_2015\support\genoma\rigs\Complex_Rig\


Create a New Folder Unity and add the files from the download.

Genoma2Biped: Genoma2 Preset
Contains the description for the preset, can be manipulated using Notepad.exe
Space_Robot.lwo: Tutorial Content Preset


Using the Genoma Preset in Modeler

modelerLogoOpen LightWav3D Modeler

>goto the Setup Tab and on the left menu enable Genoma ,by clicking on Genoma Presets.

all going well, you should now see the Unity folder and Rig Presets


Alternative Dropbox 24kb

ddonate Visit the LightWiki Facebook group for help

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License88x31

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  • Quida Sempre

    Salve. Ho provato a usare il plugin su LW 15.3, ma quando ho provato a creare i bones in layout ho avuto l’errore Generic_Py_ConvertTagsToNulls, seguito da “line 181, dimension value 4 exceeds size value [1] for array parentcheck”. Vedo il rig, ma i bones si presentano come da foto.

    • Damon Smith

      I found the solution. I deleted my CFG files for all the versions of lightwave I had by deleting “C:UsersUserName.NewTekandLightwave” then reinstalled my license. This is all I had to do to get it working again.

      • Quida Sempre

        I see… But it isn’t better to rework the script in order to avoid each time any eventual workabouts like these?