November 14, 2014 preset

Genoma Presets T-Rex and Dinosaur Biped

LightWave 3D | Genoma Rig PS


#Preset Information
LightWave 3D Genoma Rig Presets created by community member Ivan B
Dinosaur Biped and T-Rex also included is scene and model files,
gifted by LW3DG from the official version 11.0 content pack. 


How do I add a Genoma Preset?

Navigate to the LightWave installer directory usually located

C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.6.3\support\genoma\rigs

Create a folder called custom rigs and add the files from the content download

Dinosaur_Biped.lwo & T-RexGenoma.lwo also include the text files supplied, these file contain the description for the preset(s) which can be edited using notepad,ext.



Open LightWav3D Modeler

>goto the Setup Tab and on the left menu enable Genoma ,by click on Genoma Presets.

all going well you should now see the Custom Rig folder and both Genoma Dinosaur prests.


Original NewTek Thread
T-Rex Asset from the LightWave3D Content 11.0 official download

 Rigger – Ivan B

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Alternative Dropbox Genoma Preset Download 4.4 MB
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License88x31

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