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Genoma2 Rig Preset & Official Tutorials

LightWave 3D | Genoma Preset & Tutorial


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LightWavers unite and deliver an outstanding Genoma2 rig just for you,
taking full advantage of the new rigging features Lino Grandi 
has created this versatile Genoma2 preset 
which can be easily stored and referenced in your custom rig directory.

Official Tutorials:
As an additional bonus LightWave3D Rigging Guru, 
Lino delivers even more with two outstanding tutorials supporting the
download content.

Custom Thumbnail Ant_Rig.lwo Genoma2 Rig Preset
          Ant_LightWave.lwo LightWave Model for scene   
          Ant_Genoma_skin.lws LightWave Scene File

TextureMapped Texture Mapped: NO

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