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Wild Grass and Flowers

LightWave 3D | Instancing Content


#Content Information
The Official LightWave3D content comes packed with goodies,
but frequently requested from forum member is the grass and flower content,
to make things easier we have bundled the LightWave objects.lwo
along with the texture maps and additional dirt map.
Perfect for instancing and generating scenery.

Custom Thumbnail Instancing Content
TextureMapped Texture Mapped
NoPreset  No Presets Attached



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UC Collection

LightWave 3D | PS


UC Collection over 20 Presets

Initially when first uploaded the default scene caught the attention 
of the lightwiki facebook users , thanks to Umberto for his generous work.
went straight to work and added a huge collection of over 20 presets just for you!
Some of these presets include metals , plastics ,skin and many more.

nodeicon  Nodes Used
energyc Energy Conserving
Custom Thumbnail Custom Thumbnail
TextureMapped Texture Mapped
LightWave 3rd Party 3rd Party

 Umberto Celentano


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Octane Render Bundle

Kohap Creative Studio, Octane Render Presets

The original artist behind Preset Library's default scene is at it again!

Specifically designed for Octane Render LightWave, 
Kohap CS has crafted over 15 custom presets.
Aluminium.pst , GlassClear.pst , Gold.pst ...

nodeicon  Nodes Used
energyc Energy Conserving

 Kohap Creative Studios , Roy Kong



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