November 29, 2014 preset

Bullet Preset and Scene – Tetris

Bullet Preset-Deformation | .pst


#Preset Information
Initially created to prove a point it would be only fair
to share, included in the download is LightWave3D Bullet Physics Preset & Scene 
inspired by the original version which was made in C4D by artists Niko Schatz


Scene Information:
Built and saved using LightWave 2015
unfortunately the cached dynamics file is 1.6GB however MDDMultiBaker was exported
you will need to load each objects MDD which can be done by selecting the object
opening up the properties panel for the said object layer goto Deform Tab>Add Displacement > MD Reader
or use MDDMultiloader in I/O TAB , or re-run the sim

View MDD Loader Tutorial by Matt Gorner

The timing of the objects is stretched further in order for proper deformations calculations, the frame rate and over speed of each layer can be tightened or expanded using MDLoader in the object property panel, or you can tweak it in post.

Take Note:
on-load the scene will try to simulate , just abort “sorry will correct later”
without baked dynamics if you move an object it will try to recalculate.
Notice how roughly on frame 1189 the deformation will “POP” this is controlled via the Shape Retention – Graph Editor
apart from the very first piece “ALL” all deformations are keyed and set to activate on the last key.


Included is the MDDMultiBaker cached for each layer and asset.
located in root/VertCache/

How do I use a Bullet Preset ?

Loading a preset onto Bullet
Just like any other LightWave3D Preset , simple select what object name you would like to add and double click on the preset to load

Steven Scott

LightWiki FB Group

Download .pst File 360 downloads
Alternative Dropbox 154MB





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